About Maureen Bennett

After 30 years of working in quilting, stained glass and fused glass Maureen broadened her love with “colour” through a new medium…painting with acrylic on canvas.

She envisioned expanding the principles of glass and fabric design into acrylic on canvas and developed her own striking and self-taught style of acrylic art paintings that are geometrical, full of angles and include her signature “BOLD CLEAN LINES” of different colours and brilliant hues that create depth and vibrancy which are offset with simplified forms and solid shapes.

“It’s all about not being afraid of colour.” says Maureen. Even those landscapes inspired by The Group of Seven take on a new life through her exuberant use of colour laid down in parallel strips and offset with solid shapes.

Maureen has lived and travelled extensively. She paints from memory and the emotional experience rather than photographs. Her landscape paintings have a feeling of peace, solitude and quiet while expressing in colour what cannot be spoken with words.

PuzzQuest is proud to have Maureen as one of their talented contributing artists. Click here to see Maureen Bennett’s PuzzQuest puzzles.

To learn more about Maureen, visit her website at www.timesgonebystudio.com


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