About Jim Babbage

Jim discovered photography 4 decades ago. The summer before he started journalism school, his father gave him one of his first 35mm cameras as a graduation present. It was a simple camera; it didn’t even have a built-in light meter. He didn’t care; an entirely new world had just opened up in front of Jim. That summer, he fell in love with the camera, and the images it helped him to create. “I could share what I saw!” says Jim.

Photography is as much therapy for him as it is a creative outlet. Photographer Freeman Patterson inspired Jim as a young photographer and continue to do so. His statement, “A camera always looks both ways,” from his book, Shadowlight has stayed with him all these years.

After college, Jim’s passion to share knowledge and make photographs led him to long-lasting careers in those areas as both a college professor and creative professional. Several years into his professional photographic career, he opened Photoshop for the first time and once again, a new world opened up. Jim became immersed in the world of digital, and soon began designing for the web in addition to taking photographs, teaching and writing.

PuzzQuest is proud to have Jim as one of their talented contributing artists. Click here to see Jim Babbage PuzzQuest puzzles.

To learn more about Jim, visit his website at www.jimbabbage.photography


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