About George Gill

George Gill is a visual artist based out of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada who creates compelling final images combining from two to hundreds of images to complete the final composition.

George first became serious about photography around 2002, with his first Digital SLR. During this time he invested in growing his knowledge and experience through attending NYIP (New York Institute of Photography), and offering his photographic services to family, friends, and friends of friends. Although this was a fun learning experience every step of the way, it somehow felt incomplete.

It wasn’t until 2010, when the prospects of photography combined with post production to produce a complete visual experience representative of George’s ideas, that photography became his passion and thus the possibility of “more” was real.

Primarily self taught, George discovered as he progressed that there were multiple disciplines required to take his photography to a level worthy of being recognized as art.

Each discipline requires a keen understanding and practice to take an idea through to something he is proud to produce. This pride is seen in every piece created that George offers to collectors and the public. George’s hand is in each and every step; from the initial concept and photography experience, followed by a meticulous post production process, through to the museum level archival grade printing and finishing. 

His work is enjoyed by collectors all over the world, and PuzzQuest is proud to have George as one of their talented contributing artists. Click here to see George Gill’s collection of PuzzQuest puzzles.

To learn more about George, visit his website at www.georgegillphotography.com


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