What To Do With Jigsaw Puzzles When Finished?

No doubt putting difficult puzzle pieces together feels like a huge achievement for an experienced as well as a new puzzler – as it should. It is a creative and one of the most productive ways of exercising your mind. The beauty of this game is that on one hand, you’re anxious to complete it and at the same time you don’t want it to finish because the entertainment it offers is priceless and you would want it to go on for a longer period of time.

Although it can take a lot of attempts to finish putting the right pieces together, you may want to scramble it again and start from scratch. The sense of achievement is beyond words when you finally place that last piece of the puzzle at its right spot.

For many people, the finished puzzle can be a bit overwhelming as they don’t really know what to do with it. One thing is for sure that you would not want to break it right away and put it in the box. Take as much time as you want to cherish this moment and appreciate it. Nothing can beat the feeling of accomplishment you experience by staring at your completed puzzle.

More often than not, we are wrapped up in the thrill of putting the pieces together so much that once it’s achieved, we have no idea what to do afterward. Well, worry not. We’re here with the list of exciting and equally thrilling ideas you can opt-in as far as the completed puzzle is concerned.

Get your puzzle framed

Framing a completed puzzle has become very popular over the past few years as it would be the best way to acknowledge your achievement and give your place a little bit of artistic feel as well.

It’s an ideal option for those who love the image and get emotionally attached to their work after spending so much time and effort and would not want to part ways with their puzzles. You can dedicate a wall in your house to this hobby and every puzzle that’s completed can go on that wall. Or simply hang throughout your house the new art that you have created.

All the puzzles are basically pieces of art and you should put them on display with pride. Moreover, all the puzzles at PuzzQuest are the works of skilled professionals and will brighten up your home if hung on the walls. There can be special tricks and techniques of framing and hanging a puzzle on a wall in such a way that it maintains its shape for years to come. Next, we will cover how you can glue the pieces together and have them framed on your own.

How to glue a puzzle?

Whether it’s a mini-puzzle with 100 pieces or a more challenging one with 1000 pieces, you should showcase it by gluing it together, framing it and putting it on your coffee table, or hanging it on the wall. Let’s figure out how to glue a puzzle in such a way that the pieces stay together for a long time.

  • Once the pieces are put together, use a rolling pin to ensure that they are all flattened out and are placed together smoothly.
  • Some puzzles come with cardboard and glue however, you can easily find these at a stationery shop nearby.
  • Use a brush or even a finger to spread the glue on the cardboard and carefully place the puzzle pieces on it. Make sure that the glue is spread evenly otherwise it can temper the overall look of the art.
  • Too much glue can even lead to peeling and tearing of the puzzle pieces.
  • Let the glue dry completely for at least 24 hours. Touching the pieces too soon may leave fingerprints behind which could be an unpleasant sight.
  • The next step is mounting. You can skip it however, this step can add a certain depth and sturdiness to the final product. Use wax paper or foam and make sure it’s smaller in size than the puzzle itself.
  • Flip the puzzle and apply glue at the back. Then carefully lay the mounting onto it. You can place a few books on it to help put pressure.

How to frame a puzzle?

Once the puzzle pieces have been glued together and you have added wax paper or foam at the back, it’s time to frame it.

  • One of the most important things to keep in mind is that foam at the backside of the puzzle has increased the volume, Hence the frame should be able to fit that. There should not be any exposed spot that can damage the puzzle from moisture or heat.
  • Go for a frame that has UV-protected glass to ensure a longer shelf life of your framed puzzle.
  • There are many online stores offering custom frames for your puzzles that go with the overall theme. You can order one from there.
  • Once you’ve found the most suitable frame, pick a spot on your wall for it.
    It’s recommended to wait till there are 3-4 framed pieces to hang. That way, you’ll be able to create an art-gallery-vibe at home.

Scramble it again

For some people, putting a puzzle together just once is not enough. They like to challenge themselves by trying different approaches, techniques, and tricks to see which one works the best. It’s the best way to get the hang of difficult puzzles and become a pro at them. Or you can just play around with it till you find a new puzzle that’s equally thrilling and exciting.

Use puzzles as a decoration element

Who wants fancy paintings or family portraits on the walls when they can proudly hang their completed puzzles in all their glory? Gather 3-4 completed puzzles and get them framed to create an artistic corner in your house. It can be dedicated to your love for jigsaw puzzles. It can be for decoration purposes as well as a reminder of how sharp and productive you are. To come up with some creative ideas, watch DIY videos for help.

Apart from that, you can create wall decorations out of your puzzle pieces or Christmas ornaments to put them to good use. Do you have any old boring frames lying around somewhere in your storage? It’s time to bring them out and make frame covers from jigsaw pieces to give them a nice artistic twist.

Share some love

You wouldn’t want your house to be overflowing with puzzle boxes all over the place. There’s a lot one can do with a finished puzzle to get rid of them such as sharing it with your loved ones. That way, you will have someone in your close social circle to share the same interest with. Your conversations will have topics of common interest i.e. puzzles.

So, once you are done putting the puzzle pieces together, scramble it and give it to one of your friends or a relative. They make wonderful Christmas gifts or thoughtful birthday presents and we’re sure that your friends will be delighted with them.

Another idea could be to swap puzzles between friends. You can come up with a puzzle club with people who are as enthusiastic about this game as you are. Also, you can just donate your puzzles to an old house, orphanage, or a hospital every once in a while. It can be a source of happiness for the ones who really need it.

Publish it on social media

You would love to capture your journey of completing a puzzle to cherish it for a long time. For that, you can record yourself solving the puzzle and once you’re finished, post the video on your social media platforms. That way, not only will it stay safe but your social circle will get to witness the creative side of yours. Finishing a 1000 piece puzzle all by yourself is a big achievement and there’s nothing wrong in bragging about it. 

Above all, your post may inspire your followers to adopt this hobby and indulge during the family holidays. Use an interesting caption and right hashtags, your post might get picked by the puzzle manufacturers who then feature you on their page. In fact, don’t forget to tag #puzzquest when you do so we can share in your moment.

Monetize your talent

You may not be familiar with this concept but almost everything sells on the internet, quite literally. You can sell your old puzzles directly to your friends who share the same interest as you. If that doesn’t work, garage sales are organized every now and then in many residential communities, use this opportunity to showcase your puzzles there and sell them.

Other than that, people list their used possessions on platforms such as eBay, marketplace, and Kijiji to sell items and actually make money out of it. There are a number of puzzles that are sold out or people simply can’t find it anywhere in the market so they resort to an online purchase.

Moreover, if you record and publish your puzzling journey on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram, it can be turned into monetized content with a few simple and easy conditions. 

Wrapping up

To wrap it up, there are tons of ways you can put your solved puzzles to good use but the top of the list is to keep them circulating among a group of friends or a club. That way, not only do you keep in constant touch with people who share the same interests but come across some of the most unique and creative puzzles. Certain puzzles stay in families for many generations that can’t be found in the market anymore. Puzzle clubs can be the source of having access to such precious pieces.