Meet the Artist Maureen Bennett


Time to meet someone who uses contemporary-styled bold graphic depictions of Canadian landscapes with acrylic on canvas. She’s known for bringing out her signature vibrant bold clean lines of color to create magic with her brushes. She specializes in graphite, pastels, watercolors, acrylics, oils, mixed media, and photography. To be honest, the world is blessed with many talented and gifted artists who have their own unique styles and method of expression. As far as Maureen is concerned, she is someone who is not afraid to play with the colors, after all, that’s how the most beautiful and creative accidents happen.

Maureen’s bold signature use of carefully thought-out colours and brilliant hues create depth and vibrancy to the final piece of art. That’s how she turns the simplest of pieces into extraordinary art. Although art lived in her for many years, it was only 2014 when she actually held onto a brush and poured her heart out on a canvas. It wasn’t long when in 2018 she got nominated for the Emerging Artist Award’ at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair.

There’s something special about the painters who rely on their adventurous experiences as inspiration. That’s what motivates Maureen to come up with some of the most lively paintings of all time. Her landscape pieces have a feeling of peace, solitude, and quiet. Everyone who has an eye for creativity can resonate with her work.     

Let’s get to know more about her journey as an artist, the challenges that come along with this profession, and what advice she has for those who are aspiring to be painters.

1. How did you discover your love for art and how did it all begin?                 

After years of stained glass and quilting, I envisioned expanding the same concepts of design into my own through a new medium painting acrylic on canvas. I am a self-taught artist and I feel this has allowed me to be free of all conventional styles and composition.                                    

2. What sets you apart from the other artists or in other words, what’s unique about your art?

Over the years, I developed my signature style of painting depictions of contemporary stylized Canadian landscapes in vibrant bold clean lines of color outlined in white. This represents to me the “leading and foiling” in the glass. My signature use of different colors and brilliant hues create depth and vibrancy which are offset with simplified forms and solid shapes.

3. What is your process of creating a piece of art and how do you conceive an idea for it?

To keep a unique and personal touch alive, I paint from memory and the emotional experience rather than photographs. I have lived in Algonquin Highlands in Ontario and a year near Lunenburg in Nova Scotia as well for a time in British Columbia. All of this exposure and experience has influenced my work as I reinterpret these classic Canadian landscapes/seascapes in a contemporary fashion through my art. They have a feeling of peace, solitude, and quiet.                                                

4. What’s an average day like in the life of an artist like yourself?                   

I work from my studio/gallery in the town of Perth, Ontario where I create, design, and experiment with acrylic on a daily basis.                                               

5. What’s your favorite work of yours to date?

I actually love them all equally as each one of them is individual and unique.                    

6. Which is your all-time favorite artist?

I am inspired by The Group of Seven specifically Lawren Harris and Tom Thomson as well as Georgia O’Keeffe.                                                          

7. What’s your biggest achievement regarding art so far? 

I had the honor to be nominated for an “Emerging Artist Award” at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair after my second year of painting and that is something I am most proud of.                      

8. What motivates you to be creative?                                                                  

I paint from memory and the emotional experience from my travels across Canada. I am inspired by The Group of Seven and their use of bold color and graphic style. Other than that, doing in-person Art Shows is what motivates me the most as the interaction, discussion, and appreciation of my art lift my soul. Above all, it motivates me to continue painting.         

9. What do you love most about this field?

Color! It’s all about not being afraid of color. The vividness and intensity of acrylic paint! Intuition guides my color choices and composition. In-Person ART SHOWS!                                                           

10. What would you say is your field of expertise when it comes to art?

I believe that I am good with Colors. How the right amount and density can bring out depth and vibrancy is amazing.

11. Is there anything you find challenging about art?

Although I believe myself to be good with colors, finding the right combination is challenging. I have often completed a painting and stood back to view and analyze it. And asked myself “am I happy with the colors of it?”. The reason could be anything i.e. mountains and will then go over, redo the piece by changing the color combination.                                                  

12. What’s your dream art project or any artist you would love to collaborate with?

I prefer to work alone as I completely allow the painting to consume me in both thought and emotion.                                                    

13. Is there any piece of advice for aspiring self-taught artists?                                  

BELIEVE in yourself and do not be afraid to put your work out there to be juried!!

It is a piece of wonderful advice for all aspiring artists who find it challenging to keep up with the constantly evolving artistic techniques. Not to forget, the overwhelming competition and modern technology that can add to the stress. Nonetheless, Maureen’s story is the perfect example of how consistency, hard work, and polished skill can make you stand out and achieve big in life.

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