PuzzQuest Welcome New Artist Jenny Stevens

Grizzly Stroll 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Creating intricate high-quality puzzles from original works of art

PETERBOROUGH, ONTARIO – October 19th, 2021 – PuzzQuest is excited to welcome passionate photographer Jenny Stevens to the growing number of artists found on PuzzQuest. PuzzQuest offers unique, high-quality puzzles from original works of art.

PuzzQuest was born out of a love of art, from painting to photography, sculpture, and design. Being surrounded by art adds pleasure to daily life. The company seeks out unknown artists and hidden gems and turns their art into creative puzzles, allowing unknown but passionate creators to share their works of art worldwide.

Jenny Stevens has been taking photographs since her 14th birthday when she received an Eastman Kodak Brownie as a gift. The Brownie wasn’t anything fancy, but it was the first camera that made photography accessible to everyone. Stevens immediately fell in love with photography and has traveled extensively, taking photos of landscapes and the natural world.

After retiring in 2003, Stevens decided to pursue her passion for wildlife photography. She feels at peace in the wilderness, but a special spot in her heart is reserved for bears.

Three PuzzQuest puzzles feature Steven’s artwork, Blue Jay Speed, Grizzly Pounce, and Grizzly Stroll. The puzzles reflect the beauty of nature that not many are privileged to see. Blue Jay Speed features the brilliant blues of a blue jay in flight. Grizzly Pounce features a playful grizzly bear, while Grizzly Stroll features a grizzly traveling through a stream.

The 1000 piece puzzles will provide hours of enjoyment. The finished puzzles are 50×70 cm (20×28 in) and would make a great addition to any wall. All three puzzles are currently available for pre-order and will ship in November 2021. Quantities are limited. All orders ship free to the continental United States and Canada and include a bonus poster with the puzzle’s image to assist in solving as well as a bonus screensaver of the artwork for your phone and computer. 

PuzzQuest makes every effort to ensure that every puzzle is crafted with the highest quality and workmanship. Sturdy pieces, a beautiful finish, and intricate details set PuzzQuest puzzles apart. Every PuzzQuest jigsaw puzzle is manufactured using premium quality, environment-friendly recycled paper, handcrafted cutting dies, and a proprietary manufacturing process that creates minimal puzzle dust in the box. The UV oil varnish protective coating on every die-cut 2mm industry-leading thickness piece gives the puzzle a soothing well-constructed feel while protecting your finished work from the elements.

PuzzQuest does more than just sell puzzles. Its goal is to help develop art and art communities. For every puzzle sold, a percentage goes directly back to the contributing artist to help them continue their work. PuzzQuest also supports art charities worldwide to help inspire new artists to flourish. 

“PuzzQuest is proud to have Jenny as one of their talented contributing artists,” said Founder and CEO of PuzzQuest, George Gill. “Her art shows how comfortable she is in the wilderness and reflects her talent for capturing the beauty of nature.”  For more information visit, PuzzQuest.com or follow PuzzQuest on social media.