Jigsaw Puzzle Championship 2021

When was the last time you sat down at a table with some sharp-minded individuals to figure out a puzzle? Well, it’s time to bring out your inner genius and put your innate brilliantness to some good use. It’s that time of the year when you can finally put down your gadgets and take a break from all those technological advancements that have enslaved human minds and indulge yourself in Jigsaw Puzzles. As we, know, Championship 2021 is approaching and it has got us all exhilarated, how about you dig out your most challenging jigsaw puzzles and start practicing?

Where Did the Craze For Jigsaw Begin?

Before jumping onto the latest happenings in the world of Jigsaw, let’s take a step back and see where did it all begin? The very first jigsaw puzzle is said to have been made by London mapmaker John Spilsbury in the 1760s.

In these early days not only were puzzles dismissed but made fun of as it seemed childish. However, it didn’t take long for them to become obsessed with this mind-boggling activity. So much so that people actually skipped meals to put a few more pieces together.

The dedication can be reflected through the fact that those puzzles were just cut out of wooden pieces with nothing to interlock or hold them together. A simple movement or a sneeze could jumble everything up and make things even more exciting and tough, the adult puzzles didn’t come with a guide, it only had a name or a subject line. Based on which, it was supposed to be solved.

Jigsaw Puzzle Championship

Do you consider yourself to be someone who is the biggest puzzler and can set new records? Buckle up, because this championship recognizes and rewards the most skilled puzzle assemblers in the world. World Jigsaw Puzzle Federation sponsors this event which is an organization made up of Associations and fans from more than 50 countries in the world.

In 2019 the World Jigsaw Federation, WJPF, was founded and that was the year when the first World Jigsaw Championship took place in Spain. After chess, this is the first table sport that has reached such levels, only with the dedication of puzzlers and their love for this sport. The event begins with team matches then narrows down to pairs and the final individual with an eight hours deadline.

Any sport is dull without a little bit of creativity, isn’t it? Well, artists have brought a thrilling and innovative twist to Jigsaw by turning pieces of artwork into puzzles. It could be a picture of a landscape, your loved ones, an object, a flower, or literally anything you can think of. Customization has taken over the world and Jigsaw puzzlers have no plan to be left out. Hence some of the most creative minds here at PuzzQuest have vowed to not only keep this sport alive for the years to come but make it adventurous and worth a while.

The Pandemic and Jigsaw Championship

This past year has been extremely uncertain with all the lockdown and social distance situations. Many have fallen victim to this ruthless pandemic and unfortunately, the world jigsaw puzzle championship 2021 has been postponed because of it as well.

Keeping in mind the highest priority, which is the well-being of the puzzling community, this difficult and heart-breaking decision was made by the federation after careful consideration.

Nonetheless, the show must go on and our love for this sport shall never fade. So, we’ll keep our spirits high and continue practicing for the upcoming events as soon as things get back to normal. Meanwhile, get your hands on some of the most creative jigsaw puzzles conceived and executed by world-class artists at PuzzQuest.